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Minimalistic Stairs
Achieve Financial Freedom

Easy Step Investing opens the doors that you either didn’t see or didn’t know how to open. We help manage and facilitate everything needed to take hold of the opportunities that exists to bring about greater financial freedom sooner. We assist in creating self managed super funds (SMSF) or Solo 401(K)’s, utalizing equity in property and increasing savings. From increasing super returns, by decreasing or eliminating monthly mortgages and by increasing savings for you at a faster rate.

Minimalist Staircase




We assist and show Australians and Americans how to utilize their savings, equity in property, and Super / 401K to create freedom and wealth so that you can retire earlier and with more freedom and happiness. Invest in or lend money to projects, increasing their wealth and creating an ongoing income through retirement allowing freedom sooner.


We have a personal touch and approach to every client we see, our aim is to find out what your aims and goals are for the now and the future. We then can help facilitate and create the best strategy to help you achieve those goals, sooner and with more flexibility and freedom along the way.

Meet the people behind the plan.

The core team of Easy Step Investing has been strategically designed to have a combination of advisors, brokers, lawyers, property developers, and businessman. With a long history in these fields independently it was the right decision to come together to allow the everyday individual and family the opportunities that once were thought impossible.


Jeremy McCauley

Sydney | Miami | Bogota

Originally from Sydney with a long history in Property including realtor, renovator, and property developer. Previously owner a real estate company and assisting families in renovations. This has been in Australia, USA, and South America. Also spending the past 10 years as an international business advisor.


Marlon Brown


Originally being a professional athlete representing Australia turned insurance advisor and consultant before heading into the property market has a lot of experience and knowledge in various markets where he played and travelled. From Perth and residing in Los Angeles.


Marcello Pinto


Our in-house broker In Sydney with extensive experience in banking, private lending and brokerage. With an eye to be able to provide a solution for every client no matter the situation or circumstance. He has the mindset to not stop until a solution has been accomplished.

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 6.34_edited.jpg

Monika Lama


Our in-house lawyer based in Sydney who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in family law which allows great speed and accuracy in all aspects related to SMSF’s, Retirement funds, Will’s and Trusts. She possesses a  great skill set to be able to connect with and provide personal service to each client.


Joshn Perrine


Business development manager in Sydney with track record of growing businesses and managing multi million dollar companies making sure that every aspect within a company is on point with a desire to focus on customer service and the client experience.

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