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ESI Capital Australia Pty Ltd


ESI Capital LLC

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ESI Capital LLC raises capital from groups of funders, lenders, and/or investors for specific projects within the property development industry.

Its time to take control and become the bank, lend out and get paid higher than market averages on lending. We deal with project developers, companies and individuals who are looking for funds and who are looking to lend out. Allow ESI Capital to help manage and facilitate the whole process.

ESI Capital currently has multiple projects that we are looking for individuals to come on board to essentially now you can become the bank and lend money to these projects with a much higher return that you would get from a bank or institution. Take control back and have it in your own hands, become the leader and do what the banks do.


Currently we are looking at projects in Miami and surrounding areas in Florida, USA, and in Sydney and surrounding areas of Sydney, Australia. Following these projects ESI Capital will look at additional projects in Canada, California, USA and Colombia, S.A.


Contact us today and get more information whether you want to come on board as an individual or as a group  to be a part of these new and exciting projects coming ahead.


As you become the bank and lend money to projects ESI Capital takes all the stresses and headaches out of the process and helps manage and facilitate everything from A-Z so can rest and be at ease with the typically messy processes.


Founder and CEO

Jeremy McCauley

After establishing Easy Step Investing in Australia, Jeremy expanded to the USA market to bring the same opportunities stateside


Client relations

Rickie Thornton

With his expertise in dealing with clients, Rickie has come on board to facilitate client relations for ESI Capital LLC

Get in touch with us and get started today!

Reach out to us now, 24/7. Its never too late - we are here to help be free of the stresses of attaining financial freedom.

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