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M&P Asset Management Pty Ltd is a proudly owned and operated company that was created with a sole focus on giving financial control back to individuals and families. 

We live in a society where so many people work hard, living pay cheque to pay cheque, struggling to meet the ongoing rise in costs of living. We are here to help you realise this is not sustainable nor does it give you the financial freedom to really enjoy life! Research shows that most people do not have an in depth understanding about superannuation, how it works and how it can fluctuate based on the economy and various markets. As a homeowner you also have the ability to take back the power and control over your money by using the equity created from your monthly mortgage repayments to help create a better cash flow, thus providing you with an excess income of money.

It is time to take back control. It is time to say no to banks that want to take advantage of you. You have the power sitting right in front of you and we are here to help guide and support you. If this interests you, you don’t have to do it alone. M&P Asset Management will guide you through the entire process and before long you will be reaping the financial rewards.

We are a family-oriented company, dedicating our time and resources to helping as many families as we can. Our doors are open, and we are here for you. Allow us the privilege of helping you access those hidden financial avenues that can help you reach your dreams and goals.


Ivan Pacho

Managing Director

& Co-Founder


Jeremy McCauley


& Co-Founder


Reach out to us as we look forward to helping you open the doors to financial freedom. Contact us now:


Phone: +61 (02) 8005 7375

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Our Story

Ivan Pacho and Jeremy McCauley are the co-founders of M&P Asset Management, both of whom came from a humble upbringing. Both families had hard working parents that lived pay cheque to pay cheque to provide for their families. Now grown and with families of their own, the men sought a better way of life. An alternative to the mundane routine of working everyday only to see an empty bank account after household bills and expenses were paid. There was a fear that came to light when reflecting on the possibility of retiring at a later stage of life but not having the funds to achieve this comfortably. This did not sit well for Ivan and Jeremy and after countless amounts of research and extending their own knowledge on the economy and the opportunities available to everyday people, they decided to take the plunge and invest themselves. Seeing the success, they had when they shared their new venture with friends and family, they were inundated with others asking to help them do the same. This is where M&P Asset Management was born and has continued to grow ever since. So, if this sounds like something that is of interest to you, if you no longer wish to live a life ruled by financial fear, contact Ivan and Jeremy and take back the control of what is rightfully yours!

This didn't sit well for both Ivan and Jeremy and after having many years individually working hard, they found themselves in a similar position where they had now understood how the world works, the economy, and financial institutions that control majority of wealth. From this point onwards they made it their focus to help those they grew up and open the doors for them that were not available to the general public, or the working-class families. This is what then formed M & P Asset Management Pty Ltd, which now manages and facilitates the avenues previously not know to the general public.


The idea is to be able to allow the everyday person to have access to the other side of the financial world and allowing them to regain control of their financial lives and create a freedom not know before. whether it is growing the superannuation exponentially or being able to decrease or eliminate the monthly mortgage payments, there are many ways, systems, and avenues in which we have created to do those such things. 

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