M & P Asset Management Pty Ltd is a proud local company that focuses on giving control back to the individuals and families. 

Many people work hard and many times live pay check to pay check, but do not realise that they could be in a position due to Superannuation or equity in their property that they could dramatically change the way they live.

its time to take back control, this time you the individual become the bank.

Get in contact with us today and allow us to open to doors to facilitate the future you want today.


Ivan Pacho

Managing Director

& Co-Founder


Jeremy McCauley


& Co-Founder

Our Story

M & P Asset Management came from humble beginnings of Ivan Pacho and Jeremy McCauley. Growing up and only knowing the life of hard working parents providing for their families and in many circumstances living paycheck to paycheck. At the end of the day what they saw is people working hard at the end of their life upon retirement didn't really have much to show for it apart from a house possible paid off if they were lucky and some small superannuation put aside throughout their working life.

this didn't sit well for both Ivan and Jeremy and after having many years individually working hard they found themselves in a similar position where they had now understood how the world works, the economy, and financial institutions that control majority of wealth. from this they sort after making a difference and building and forming selective and crucial relationships in the business world which allowed them to form M & P Asset Management Pty Ltd.


The idea is to be able to allow the everyday person to have access to the other side of the financial world and allowing them to regain control of their financial lives and create a freedom not know before. whether it is growing the superannuation greater, or being able to decrease or eliminate the monthly mortgage payments, there are many ways, systems, and avenues in which we have created to do those things. 


reach out to us as we look forward to helping you open the doors to financial freedom.

Contact us now: info@MPassets.com